First 100 Days in the District Attorney’s Office


I made history when I took office in January, and I plan to continue doing so as I make Philadelphia the safest big city in America. On April 14th, I hosted a “100th Day in Office” breakfast at the Vesper Club, where I updated attendees on our accomplishments and progress since my inauguration. The highlights of that meeting are listed below, and I hope you can take a moment to look them over. I’m very proud of the work we are doing here, and I look forward to making even bigger strides in the months to come.

R. Seth Williams
District Attorney
City of Philadelphia

Research 2000 Poll

Yesterday Young Philly Politics ("YPP"), a blog about progressive Philadelphia politics, published some encouraging Research 2000 poll numbers on the DA race:

Research 2000 Poll for the Seth Williams Campaign
400 voters, 5% MOE

Seth Williams: 37%
Dan McElhatton: 15%
Dan McCaffery: 13%
Michael Turner: 2%
Brian Grady: 2%

This is great news for the campaign -- it shows that Philadelphians are embracing Seth's candidacy and platforms.

Live Blogging Dan McElhatton's Video Web Chat

This has been going on for almost an hour...I'm going to stop watching now but overall, I would say that the theme or thread I picked up after an hour is that McElhatton has some new ideas, but I can't pinpoint one that will fundamentally change the way the DA's office operates. I see many platforms that will rearrange the deck chairs (so to speak) but can't determine what platform will specifically reduce crime. Seth is proactive on crime and is focused not only on prosecuting criminals, but on preventing crime and repeat offenses all together.

Philadelphia Inquirer for Seth

This morning, the Philadelphia Inquirer endorsed Seth for District Attorney, saying, "Williams has the know-how to improve the D.A.'s office and a good grasp of strategies to make neighborhoods safer places to live."

Welcome to the Blog!

Good morning from the Campaign! We've got just under 1 month (26 days to be exact) until Philly residents have the opportunity to cast a vote for a District Attorney with a vision for community-based prosecution that will reduce costs to Philadelphia taxpayers and make our community a safer, better place to live and grow up in -- and who has the experience and commitment to turn platforms into policy. I'm excited to have the opportunity to chronicle the final month of the campaign by way of this blog.